Aumini is dedicated to and designed specifically for kids. We thoughtfully chose the seeds and gemstones that most resonate with and will best serve our cherished children. 

Each piece in the collection was designed to help them navigate the wonderful and wild world of childhood.

You may have noticed that it is not Rudraksha, and it is not. We use Rudrani as our central bead instead because the more subtle and gentle power of Rudrani comforts children. In contrast, Rudraksha vibrations are often too powerful and might overwhelm a child.

The rare and precious Rudrani is a sacred seed thought to be the balance to the Rudraksha seed, the soft to the hard.

Although these seeds are tiny in size, the same cannot be said about their properties. Auspicious in good luck, they vibrate with gentle and nurturing energy while embodying an intense positivity to help guide and protect.

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Featured Collection

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