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  • Building your spiritual strength activates your spirit and connection to the divine from within, giving you the power you need to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

  • Lava :

    Lava helps to diminish the negative aspects of one’s character and allows us to see where modifications might be needed. Lava is considered as a good tool for grounding and protection, helping us get connected to the earth. Lava also allows us to ‘root’ scattered energy and find focus and balance.

    Carnelian :

    Carnelian protects you from all kind of negative energies replacing them by positive ones. Helps to focus the mind and aids in decision making. It increases stamina and self confidence. Its grounding effects helps you feel in control of your life.

    Smoky Quartz :

    Known for relieving stress and anxiety. Smoky Quartz calms a hyperactive mind and disperses fear and negativity. It encourages positive thought and action. It will elevate one’s mood bringing emotional calmness. It also brings prosperity, abundance and general good luck.

    Onyx :

    Known as a grounding stone, Onyx is beneficial for those having difficulty concentrating. Assisting with objective thinking, spiritual inspiration and having an influence on emotions and passion. This is useful for anyone that is under extreme mental or emotional stress, bringing balance and strength to the body, harmonising the mind
  • 108 Rudraksha beads
    49 cm length
    4 mm Rudraksha
    4 mm Lava
    4 mm Carnelian
    4 mm F Smoky Quartz
    4 mm F Onyx
    Gold Plated Ornament
    Lava Oval Pendant
    Black Cotton Tassel

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Bracelet sizing

Rudrani :

  • XS : 15 cm
  • S : 16 cm
  • M : 17 cm
  • L : 18 cm
  • XL : 19 cm

Rudraksha 4mm :

  • S : 17 cm
  • M : 18 cm
  • L : 19 cm
  • XL : 20 cm

Rudraksha 5.5mm to 7mm :

  • S : 17.5cm
  • M : 18.5 cm
  • L : 19.5cm
  • XL : 20.5 cm

Rudraksha 8mm :

  • S : 18cm
  • M : 19cm
  • L : 20 cm
  • XL : 21cm
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