Mantra Bead Mala

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Bracelet sizing

Rudrani :

  • XS : 15 cm
  • S : 16 cm
  • M : 17 cm
  • L : 18 cm
  • XL : 19 cm

Rudraksha 4mm :

  • S : 17 cm
  • M : 18 cm
  • L : 19 cm
  • XL : 20 cm

Rudraksha 5.5mm to 7mm :

  • S : 17.5cm
  • M : 18.5 cm
  • L : 19.5cm
  • XL : 20.5 cm

Rudraksha 8mm:

  • S : 18cm
  • M : 19cm
  • L : 20 cm
  • XL : 21cm


Our Mantra Beads Mala is a cherished and timeless style, crafted in limited batches to ensure its rarity. We use Chikna Rudraksha as the beads, and it features a singular Chikna Guru wrapped in a delicate, organic gold skillfully created by world-renowned chant artists Deva Premal and Miten, with master goldsmith Ami Ben-Hur.

Each Mantra Bead is a scroll made from 24 carats of pure organic gold. It is imbued with sound through chants from Deva Premal and Miten and inscribed with the mantra using a diamond-tipped pen. The scroll is then rolled into a Chikna bead and sealed with fire to encapsulate its vibration. Gold has long been held to be an alchemical transmitter of golden light, and when it is imbued with the energy of ancient mantras from the East, it ignites the mantra's essential vibration.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, wearing or using this Mala means tapping into subtle energies and spiritual vibrations.

"Organic gold is found and collected in rivers or places where it has naturally risen to the ground surface. It has never been treated in any way and retains all its original qualities – Flexibility, Conductivity, Purity, and the Frequency of Golden Light. It is a gold that shows itself to us as a gift from Mother Earth." - Ami Ben Hur -

7mm Chikna, 22k Organic Gold by Ami Ben Hur

Mantra Bead Mala

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