Meaning of AUM


AUM is the eternal sound of the universe.
In the beginning was the word AUM, and the universe arose from it. In its essence, AUM represents the sound of divinity in all things past, present and future. AUM is the beginning, it is the middle, and it is the end
Aum is the root of everything that exists, and the continuity to hold it all together. Embodying the totality of what we see,feel, hear and all that is hidden.
Chanting Aum can cleanse and heal the whole system with its resonance and will open the ocean of love within yourself. It brings peace, clarity of mind and a quieter mental state. It encompasses All in every religion.
The combination of Aum and Rudraksha Beads is an incredibly powerful asset on your path to awakening the divine within.
We at AUM RUDRAKSHA DESIGNS invite you to abide in the ONE LOVE and the ONE HEART Of CONSCIOUSNESS in everyday of your life.
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