Who we are

Bringing to the world of today the wisdom and power of the ancient sages in the form of contemporary Malas. Inspired by hindu spirituality, guided by Papaji (H.W.L. Poonjaji) and created by Soma Temple “Aum Rudraksha Designs” was born in 2003 on the beautiful and magical island of Bali, Indonesia 

More than 20 years ago in India, well known teacher Papaji told Soma that because she lived so close to the source of the highest quality Rudraksha beads in the world, her Dharma (destiny) was to spread them to the western world. Already used for centuries by hindus and buddhists, Papaji believed that because of the pure power of the Rudrakshas themselves “The world would be at peace if everyone was wearing them”

Soma's life changing journey had only just begun....

We simply begin as a hobby of working with Rudraksha beads and are now having distributors throughout the world and supply more than 60 stores in 5 different continents. We have an amazing team of forward thinking people and we get to wake up every morning doing what we love.

We have taken Papaji's message literally and are doing what we can to spread these sacred objects wherever we can. We as human beings and as a company are dedicated to living in awareness and truth. Our main goal is to encourage peace and love amongst all the people of this world.  A strong message of ours is "sharing is caring" and that what we do in this life impacts our eternal karma. With this message in mind we are happy to be able to share 20% of our profits with those that we feel need it most. We are an eco friendly and sustainable company based on the principal that we are all ONE energy and that we all need to look out for our Mother Earth and for one another. 

Let us entice you with our Mala creations or collaborate in bringing to life ideas of your own. May we unify to share the healing energy of these rare and sacred beads.
May they help you to abide in and act from the ONE true Heart of pure consciousness.

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