Giving Back

Here at Aum Rudraksha, we take a very active role in giving back to communities in need and supporting charities whose mission is to better the environment and lives on our beloved island of Bali.

One Island One Voice is an initiative to spread awareness and education amongst all residents of Bali on the importance of keeping our environment clean. They help reduce plastic waste problems on the island of Bali by leading beach clean-ups. A movement we share dearly at Aum Rudraksha.

Bali Street Kids is another foundation that we hold close to our hearts. Children are the future, and what better way to ensure their success and endeavors in life than with education? Whether it be traditional scholastic assistance or the development of their cultural and spiritual education. We frequently take a hands-on approach with the children of Bali Street Kids by taking them on outings, teaching arts and crafts, and allowing them to have safe environments to develop their social skills.

Each year, we invite Hindu - Bali priests on a trip to India where they can align with others and continue their never-ending learning. We are happy to see that the priests can enlighten their spirituality.

We encourage our community, customers, and anyone who wants to help to participate in these foundations. Whether it’s hosting a day out for the children or donating to contribute to their learning materials, or getting amongst it and joining one of the many beach clean-ups, we always welcome new faces to join us in creating a better tomorrow for all.

Our mission here at Aum Rudraksha is to heal the world one seed at a time. We truly, and wholeheartedly believe in this.

Sharing what we know about the sacred Rudraksha seeds and how they can help us mentally, physically, and spiritually is something worth spreading. Only when we can heal ourselves from the inside can we heal the world on the outside. By following our mission from Papaji and ensuring all our actions leave the environment around us in a better place than we found, we can move towards a brighter future where the world and humanity can live in harmony, peace, and solidarity.

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