Social ImpaKt Project

Providing safe and drinkable water is Social ImpaKt first priority. A world Bank study in 2011 showed that Indonesia looses annually 2.4% of their GDP (US$ 31 billion) due to inadequate sanitation, poor hygiene and lack of access of drinkable water.

Social ImpaKt mission is to develop projects in Indonesia that improve the lifehood and the living conditions of the working poor. Social ImpaKt brings affordable, eco-friendly and life enhancing technologies like water filters, solar lamps to remote villages in Indonesia. Social ImpaKt has already provided safe and affordable dinking water to more than 10 000 people over Bali and Lombok. By introducing the water filters to local communities visiting villages, schools, offices and village leaders, Social ImpaKt is proud to build a network of resellers in many villages, generating incomes for the communities.


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