Aum Rudraksha Designs intends for you to be far more than just a customer. We want you to contribute to a new revolution in consumerism. We are proud to give back 20% of all our benefits to the wonderful people who cultivate our beads, create our malas and with people who need our help and support. We believe in creating a world where we are mindful of each other and of our planet, thus generating a pure and beautiful world based on Love and Harmony.

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Ancient Wisdom Collection


"The world would be at peace if everyone wore Rudraksha..."


Mala Making


Create Your Own Sacred Object...

We are extending the knowledge of sacred Rudraksha to you all through three hours workshop where you will get hands-on experience in creating
your Malas to incorporate the benefits into your life.

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An Introductory to Rudraksha

In the realm of spiritual exploration and holistic well being, few natural treasures hold the mystique and reverence of the Rudraksha bead. These ancient seeds have captivated the hearts and minds of seekers for centuries. With their unique appearance, potent symbolism, and purported spiritual significance. Rudraksha beads have become a bridge between the earthly and the divine within.

If you’ve found your way to this blog in search of insights into
Rudraksha, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. With a rich history of crafting Rudraksha Malas and other Rudraksha jewellery ating back to 2000, our journey has gifted us with knowledge and experiences that we are eager to share with everyone.

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Featured Collection

Featured Collection

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