Free yourself from mental slavery

Free yourself from mental slavery

Mental slavery is a state of mind, the extreme opposite of awareness. It is the most insidious legacy of slavery, a the false idea of being free.

To be free, you have to commit to yourself to do so. To observe yourself and be conscious on how powerful can be your mind, on how assumptions and judgements make your life so much harder.

You can choose to be free, and mental slavery can only happen if you allow it.


Challenge your thoughts

 Take time to observe your thoughts and where they are coming from. Routinely challenge your assumptions and their origins. Use your reasoning power against itself.  Be honest with yourself. Recognize that your thoughts are influenced by your memories and Ego. Be willing to know the truth. Meditation practice will help you in this process.


Become aware of the power of the words

 Notice which words generate strong feelings for you. Identify words that carry extra meaning for you or that may mean something different to others.  Be conscious about it, react less and try to listen more objectively.


Learn to recognize when your thinking is influenced by your ego  

 To overcome the influence of your ego, you need to question your motivations and challenge your assumptions. Be aware that you see the world depending on your own experiences in order to be more transparent. Be open to change your mind. Be conscious that the world doesn’t revolve around you. While your believes are natural and obvious to you, they are not to others, coming from different backgrounds. Be more tolerant towards people and situations you don’t identify yourself to. Admit ignorance and be compassionate.


Never let someone think for you

 There is no norm. Respect yourself and what you aspect to. Others are not better than you, don’t think better than you. You are what you are and be proud of it.


Face your fears

 Realise what are your fears and analyse them. When and why this feeling is coming up. Stop serving what scares you, face it. You will not regret it. It sounds obviously scary but you will be proud of yourself.


Taking control of your mind is taking control of your life. Change your life, be aware, and happy.


« Your progress toward a mind that truly serves your highest purpose will always depend on your willingness to observe yourself.  When you do that, you’ll start to see where you are giving your freedom away in bits and pieces to this or that momentary master. » - Gillman

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