How to activate and energize your Mala ?

How to activate and energize your Mala ?

Once you found the Mala that is drawn to you, it is now time to make it truly yours, making sure the beads are connected to your energy and intention.

Your Mala is your new guide. It will protect you and help you to remind you the divinity that is inside you.

Something is sacred because you believe it. It is all about the energy end the strength you put into your intention. The most you believe on the power of your Mala beads, the deepest you will manifest your desires.

We recommend a small intention setting ceremony you can do to activate your Mala. As Monday is Lord Shiva day, it would be the perfect day to energize your beautiful piece.

  • Light a candle and your favourite incense.
  • Close your eyes and find your breath. Focus on it. Feel it.
  • Hold your Mala and focus on your intention. Stay aware. Accept any intruding thoughts crossing your mind and let them go.
  • Keep holding your mala and move over each bead through your fingers while saying or thinking about your specific intention. Don’t use your index finger, as it believed to represent the ego.
  • Relax and visualize the inner peace that is inside you.
  • Repeat this traditional Mantra at least three times.

"Om Hrim Namah Shivaya Om"

  • Bring your Mala to your heart and your third eye.
  • Be thankful to the universe. Namaste.

Make your desire your own reality.

Let there be peace and love among all beings of the universe

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

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