Our Office is a Happy Place

Our Office is a Happy Place


Here at Aum Rudraksha Designs we believe that Rudraksha seeds are very sensitive to people’s energy. We try to keep our work environment as happy as possible as every Mala maker will transmit a tiny bit of their soul into creating your sacred jewellery. With this powerful connection we are all about sending you the best vibrations, positive intentions and self-love. Transmitting well-being, an open state of mind and spiritual sensitivity from our team. We at Aum Rudraksha are a family and aim to understand each other and to treat each one with love and respect. We are a happy place where we laugh, we cry, we share, we love, we pray, we do yoga together, we feel good and we strive to wake up every morning to do what we love with the people we cherish.


Every Mala we make has been blessed according to the Balinese Hindu religion. Using holy water in order to give our genuine feeling of love to you. Rudrakshas are sacred objects and must be treated with love, care and kindness.


“I wanted to have a business that made a difference in the world, a sustainable and fair trade operation, empowering those that worked with me.”     


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We are a company that works on the new Paradigm of giving back, we have a profit sharing program that includes all of our employees and farmers of the Rudraksha beads. We feel all should be included in this project and we have one main idea in mind “we grow together”.


We believe in honouring and empowering each person who comes across our path in hope that as we empower those around us. We invoke change one bead at a time.  


We love integrity and authenticity, working from these premises we pray that we make the world a better more beautiful world for all of us to live in. May you also wear the beads of Peace and Authenticity that your own lives will be empowered and enlightened.


Om, Shanti, Shanti, Om



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