The Power of Now: How to express gratitude in your daily life

The Power of Now:  How to express gratitude in your daily life

Bringing some mindfulness into your life from the beginning of your day is the key for happiness. To open the path of self-realization, you need to establish a daily routine, reminding yourself to stay aware every single day. You have the power to choose your reality, the dream you are living in. You and only you can decide to create a sense of mindfulness, elevate your state of mind and put you in the right space to be happy and successful at whatever you set out to do.

There some tips we recommend you to do every morning that are very simple and easy to add to your daily routine. Once settled, this will bring transformation into your life and will help you to live in the Now.


1-Express gratitude


Every new day is an opportunity to say thank you for being alive and have the chance to live another day of your life. All what we experience on this life is something to be grateful for. Everything happens for a reason. In the Balinese culture, we believe in Karma, in the fact that we attract what we get and that everything that happens leads to something we deserve or need to learn from. Contemplate and appreciate the universal attractive energy, the fact that something rather than nothing exists in everything and everyone around you. There is always something to be grateful for even if it can be difficult sometimes to find, but it is simply the way you decide to look at the situation. Gratitude is the answer of love and happiness.


2- Breathing will help you to connect your body and your soul


Breathing is what keeps us alive, what allows us to get oxygen. Breathing consciously is incredibly powerful and brings us into different states of consciousness. Your breath is your base; it can allow you to become the master of yourself.

Take a moment for yourself before starting your day and breath for couple of minutes. Connect to the movements of your breathing, to the rhythm of the air coming in, bringing new life, new energy and the air coming out, releasing all tensions you could keep. Feel the energy, the power of this simple moment of awareness.


3- Smile to yourself and to others


A smile is a powerful random act. It always brings you powerful positive energies. The simple fact to smile from the inside, from every organ, every part of your body can help you to calm intense emotions as anger or melancholy. It is a chemical phenomenon: the serotonin and endorphins, happiness‘ hormones, released by your brain create a calming effect on your body and mind. Smiling has been shown to reduce stress, blood pressure and boost the immune system. Smile to life and get elevated.


4 - Forgive yourself for yesterday’s mistake and focus on now


Whatever we are going through we all make mistakes. We impulsively act or react to a situation then regret. We judge ourselves believing we should have acted a different way. But we should not judge either others or ourselves. Forgiveness benefits you more than anyone else. Through acceptance and forgiveness we stop holding on to the cause of our suffering and let it go. Acknowledge that you made a mistake and while you cannot change the past, you can create a new present. Nothing is permanent.



Choose your reality ,bring awareness to your life and experience the power of now.




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