A spiritual journey in Bali

A spiritual journey in Bali

Spiritual journeys are transformative, and they imply both an exploration of the external world and the world within us as travelers. In that sense, Bali is a perfect destination for your spiritual quest. 


The “Island of the Gods” has a unique culture all of its own, a very particular and powerful cultural heritage. Balinese Hinduism (or Agama Hindu Dharma) mixes aspects of Buddhism, Hinduism and animism, which is the belief that souls and spirits can be found in all things. Balinese Hinduism comes from the religious influences of China, India and Java.

One of the central beliefs of Balinese Hinduism is that the soul (atman) is reincarnated several times until it reaches paradise. This journey depends upon the person's deeds, both good and bad, during his or her lifetime.  

Instead of having set periods of time devoted to their religion, Balinese Hindus incorporate their religion into every aspect of their lives. Their lives are filled with religious rituals, such as making offerings, and they strive to maintain balance between good and evil and the gods and demons in order to prevent chaos.


Spirituality permeates almost every aspect of Balinese life.


 Bali is a sacred place that has a very particular energy. In Balinese culture there is no real distinction between the secular and the religious so the supernatural is often a part of everyday life and beliefs. You cannot avoid noticing the deep connection the Balinese have with the spiritual world. Bali inspires you and people often feel more connected to themselves than ever. Bali is Art. Temples, offerings, arts and crafts are all signs of the island's faith.



Walk down any street on Bali, and the first thing you’ll see by your feet are the daily canang – or small, square, woven baskets made from coconut leaves and filled with flowers and gifts for the Gods and topped with a stick of incense. In their simplicity, these modest but beautifully crafted offerings made to gain the favour of the gods encapsulate Bali’s unique fusion of Hinduism.



Ceremonies or “upacara” are a major aspect of the Balinese lifestyle and culture. They are the origin of various important cycles: the lunar cycle, the rice-growing cycle, and the cycle of human life. From birth to death the Balinese celebrate a variety of events and rites, that they believe will guide the soul through the numerous stages of life. Birth, childhood, adolescence, marriage and death are the main stages that are consistently celebrated by Balinese.

The grassroots ‘World Silent Day’ – proposed during the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference of 2007, and now celebrated every year on March 21st – was inspired by Nyepi Silent Day, Bali’s unique take on a greener, cleaner, more peaceful planet.


In Bali, we believe in Karma


Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning action, work or deed. It is about believing in a cycle of cause and effect or a ‘universe system’ of what you will get is what you have done. That’s the concept of karma. Here, in Bali, it is a very important aspect of people’s life. Balinese believe in samsara or reincarnation, and that our karma in previous life can bring effect to ours in present life. The same cycle goes as well to your next life.



Love, feel, vibrate, experience and Bali will cherish you and change you forever.


Suksema !

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