Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness

 What is permanent in you ? Emotions cannot be. They move, they hence, they are emotions. You get identified with them, that is the only problem.


 Be aware of the power of your mind


The mind is a mechanism. It is not you. It records experiences from the outside, reacts and responds accordingly to it. But you are not this collection of impressions. Beyond the mind, there is an awareness that is not given by the outside. Wisdom consists only in one thing that is your consciousness of the separation of the mind from your being, your soul, your real individuality.

When your mind is angry, or sad, don’t let it believe this is, don't identify yourself to those emotions and feelings. It is not you, it is not your real essence. You are only the watcher, and not the actor. Don’t repress you will hurt yourself, don’t express you might hurt others, just let it be there. Just become aware, slowly go on cutting your identification with your mind.


From the darkness to the light 


Choosing awareness, you are no longer in the darkness, you become the light. You are a master, not a servant. You cannot allow your mind to react automatically anymore like it used to do. You become free. And there is no blissfulness more precious than freedom, than being a master of your own destiny.

To help in the process of transformation, some practices will help you, in particular meditation.

Meditation allows you to change your conception of your mind body & spirit. The whole benefit of it is to make you aware of the existence of that mind, and how unconsciously you identify yourself with what you see, what you live and what you feel. Meditation is a radiation of your silence, your peace and your inner-wellbeing, your blissfulness. It will help you to feel unconditional love towards others, and towards yourself.


A great joy and a tranquility will arise in your being, directly from your own inner source. Be patient, and observe. Be a watcher. You will find inner peace.





Inspired from Osho - Emotional Wellness
Hightly recommanded ***



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