You are what you eat

You are what you eat

Food powers your life. It is your fuel. Every aspect of your life is influenced by what you eat. Everything you eat becomes part of your inner being, but as well of your outer fabric of your body.  Eating well, you take care of you, of your inner divinity.

Eating well affects considerably your physical, mental and social health. Food is very powerful. Use it to your advantage.


Mental Health


A good nutrition is essential for our mental health. Food plays an important contributing role in the development of mental disorders and depression. Ensuring that our diet provides adequate nutrients, vitamins and minerals can protect a balanced mood.

Eating a healthy diet keeps you physically and mentally fit. When you look good, you fells good and have more self-confidence. You are more outgoing and have more capacity to enjoy life.


Physical Wellbeing


What you eat will determine how you will tackle your daily physical activities. Eating healthy enables body movements to be executed with ease while a poor diet destroys your body and mind day-by-day creating stress and pain.

Being aware of your diet will help you preventing risk of major diseases that impair your physical wellbeing.


Change your diet habits with daily reminders


Overcoming bad diet habits is not an easy task… But do it slowly, follow your rhythm and listen to your body.

Avoid any kind of food that make your blood sugar rise and fall rapidly, altering considerably your mood. Try to choose slow-release energy food such as proteins, nuts and seeds, wholegrain.

Make sure you eat good proteins and 5 different fruits and vegetables daily. It is very important to vary in order to benefit from different vitamins and minerals.

You can eat some fats, but choose the right ones. Your brain needs fatty oils such as omega 3 and 6 contained in oily fish, nuts, seeds, avocados milk, yogurt, chees and eggs.

We love our morning coffee, caffeine is stimulant but having too much of it can make you feel anxious and depressed. It is like everything in life, enjoy it but with moderation !


Love Yourself and Take care of your Health !














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