Connect with Yourself practicing Yoga

Connect with Yourself practicing Yoga

Yoga is much more than a simple work out.  Yoga is a moment you take for yourself to escape, to leave all the stress and frustration behind you and to connect with your true essence. It is the time to be in control of your space, of your mind and body in order to allow you to gain clarity and confidence through your practice.


Get out of your Comfort Zone

Yoga helps you to overcome your fears and self-limitations. It pushes you to explore your boundaries, constantly challenging you physically and mentally. To get the most of it, you must welcome acceptance and self-assurance in place of criticism and doubt. You must be gentle and patient with yourself. Get to your mat everyday and feel how present-minded and more connected you become day by day.


The importance of being connected

We are one with the Universe. We are all connected, and understanding that you have an energetic effect on your surrounding through your thoughts, your words and your acts will help you to treat yourself and others with love and respect. This deep understanding will change your life and perception of others. It will considerably better your relationships with people. The more connected we are in life, the happiest we feel !


Clarity of Mind

The quality of your life depends of the state of your mind. Yoga has an interesting approach to the state of doubt. In Yoga and meditation, doubts are known to be a lack of Prana, which is your life force and energy. It is the link between the astral and physical body. You influence your Prana by the way you eat , you sleep and breath.

Allowing yourself this daily practice to connect with your intuition will become slow by slow a need as it improves your whole well being, reenergising your Prana.


Feed your Prana, Feed your Soul and Get to your Mat Every Damn Day !

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